How much will a design cost?

Each design varies depending on the specifics of the project and your budget, so it’s hard to give a quote without knowing the specifics. To explain by example, “how much does a car cost?” The answer depends on several things: model, type, convertible, leather seats, etc. However to follow is a ballpark idea of the cost of various projects.

For a FREE custom quote on a specific project, please fill out a PROJECT QUESTIONNAIRE. I can generally work within your budget, so if you have one, include it.


A good start is $975 for the home page, then $227 per page after that. Price includes SEO. If you require additional options -- like interactive forms, ecommerce, etc., then the price will be more.
Ballpark: $975+. SAMPLES


A landing page is commonly a standalone web page distinct from your main website that has been designed for a single focused objective. In some cases, it may be your website.
Ballpark: $695-1,400. SAMPLES


Need a banner for your website about an upcoming event or special campaign? Or have an ad you want created to promote a product or service?
Ballpark: $250-400. SAMPLES


Your logo is a longterm investment. It will be with you for years to come. It is like your handshake -- the first thing people will know about you.
Start at $550. SAMPLES


With the introduction of smartphones, email is everywhere. Let's make yours an eye-catching, responsive design that ties in to your overall brand.
Start at $150. SAMPLES


People still like something they can 'hold'; something they can take with. This is an easily overlooked medium that still deserves your attention.
Start at $325. SAMPLES


The videos I create are based on edits of your existing videos, or are created from your photos and/or even stock footage. I do not come out and shoot the videos for you. I can lay in voice overs, background music and special effects.
Start at $500. SAMPLES

Do you have a budget?

No problem. Let me know what your budget is and I can redirect my thinking to fall within your budget. It sounds odd that someone would ask you what your budget is for a project, but knowing how much you want to spend will help me tailor the options available to achieve the greatest bang for your buck. In the absence of a budget, the sky’s the limit, right?

What are the terms of payment?

A non-refundable retainer is required for any project. This reserves a block of time for your project. No work will be started until your signed contract has been received and the retainer is paid. The balance of the quoted fee is due within 15 days of design approval.

What about website updates?

The rate for website updates and revisions is $60 per hour billed in 15-minute increments. This is billed on a monthly basis for time used during the preceding month.