• Need something that represents YOU?

  • Looking to up your game?

  • Confused by all this technology?

  • I can help! Web/Graphic Designer for Hire

Welcome to Will Work for Dog Food

A Texas-based web and graphic design studio where we believe good design is an art
...and the dogs have to be fed.


Whether you need a new website, a redesign of your current website or a landing page, I can help with a clean, fresh look, interactive features and built-in search engine optimization.


Even in this digital age, we still need brochures, postcards and ads to communicate. They leave a lasting impression that people can 'hold.' That value should never be overlooked.


Your logo is a longterm investment. It will be with you for years to come. It is like your handshake -- often your first connection with people. So it's important to leave a good impression.


Do you send email to a mailing list? Are you looking for a new look or want a special layout for a new campaign you are running? Or maybe you are new to email campaigns. I can help.


Do you need a web banner or an ad for your website about an upcoming event or other special you are promoting? I can help you create that eye-catching banner ad.


Sometimes a story is best told or an idea best explained through the visual medium of a video. Or maybe you have a video you want to edit into a shorter version for a particular audience.